7 Reasons Small Business Owners Need A Business Coach

As the owner of a small business, you inevitably wear many different hats. With time and money always being in short supply, many small business owners don’t think they need a business coach until their company grows in size. However, business coaching is the tool that actually helps small businesses achieve success, leading to significant growth in size and profitability.

Here are the seven biggest ways a business coach can help your small business.

Goal Setting – For many small business owners, goal setting falls low on the to-do list even though it may be the single most important part of achieving success. With so much to do in the day, taking the time to identify your vision and the goals necessary for achieving that vision can feel like an overwhelming task. A business coach guides you through the process.

Strategic Planning – When you are working in your business, it can feel impossible to work on your business. Having a partner to help you set the path for achieving your goals is key. That way, you can prioritize all the working parts of your business and see how it all works together.

Better Focus – As you switch from role to role within your small business, it can be hard to stay focused on the priorities that will make your business stand out from its competitors. A business coach helps to maintain that focus, even when you are struggling with it.

Accountability – Being your own boss is one of the reasons many entrepreneurs leave their day jobs in the first place, but it can leave a void of accountability. Your business coach works with you to set goals for your business and holds you accountable for doing the work to achieve those goals. Without accountability, years can quickly pass with that half-developed website still floating online, outdated financial projections still sitting on your desk, or ineffective employees still taking long lunch breaks. It’s time to take the steps you’ve continually put off.

Financial Planning – A bookkeeper may handle the accounts payable and receivable, as well as payroll, but what about your business’s financial planning? Business coaching offers small businesses with an expert in strategic financial planning that will lay the groundwork for increased profits and renewed success.

Business Expertise and Guidance – Small business owners open their business because of their particular skills or expertise in their field. Often times, they don’t have the business background to allow them to be truly successful. From sales tactics to analyzing organizational efficiencies, business coaches provide the business guidance that many small businesses lack.

Brainstorming Partner – Small business owners often complain that they don’t have someone who is well versed in business to bounce ideas off. After all, everyone who has a stake in your business will hear your ideas through their own perspective and respond according to how the ideas will affect them. A business coach offers an impartial and experienced sounding board for ideas, and the business coach will have his or her own ideas to contribute.

What are your biggest challenges as a small business owner? Do you have a partner who can help you tackle each hurdle and come out on top afterwards? As a Certified FocalPoint Business Coach, I specialize in helping small business owners create the companies they have always dreamed of. Let’s start a discussion on how I can help your company grow.

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