What is a Business Coach?

Who do you turn to when you are struggling with your business? Is there someone in your corner that can offer an unbiased opinion? A business coach serves many roles for business owners and executives. A coach is someone with whom you can share your frustration and your success, and, a trusted, strategic partner to help move your business forward.

A coach can play a variety of roles in the life of a business owner or executive. Here are a few of the most common.

A coach is a confidante

A business coach should not tell you how to do things. Instead, he or she is there to partner with you to help you figure out how to meet your desired business goals. As a business owner or executive, it’s natural to feel lonely and need someone to confide in. A coach is a sounding board and someone you can trust completely with your business concerns. They will guide your through the turbulent times and celebrate with you during the successful times.

A coach is a trusted advisor

No matter the size or success level of your business, an outside perspective can provide valuable guidance. Hiring a business coach is a sign that you are serious about growing your business and taking the steps needed to accomplish that. Ideally, a business coach is a veteran executive who has the experience to draw from to help you and your business thrive. Through regular, intensely focused meetings, you and your business coach will be able to create a roadmap to success for your business.

A coach is someone who helps you see the real you

A business coach should help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and work with you to improve both through structured meetings and strategies. As a leader in business, there are few people in your life who will be honest with you about your professional shortcomings, but a coach can help you become more self-aware about your leadership style and the decisions you make.

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