Time Management When You Don’t Have A Minute To Spare

For many business owners, the idea of introducing time management techniques into an already busy schedule sounds like it would take more time than it would save. Before you make the decision to put it off until life slows down a bit, take two short minutes to consider these simple, easy implementable ways to increase your efficiency and free up some much needed time in your day.

Begin with a Plan

While it’s best to make your plan at the end of the day when your outstanding tasks are fresh in your brain, it’s essential to complete your plan before you do any other work, including checking your emails. Look at your list strategically, and prioritize it accordingly. If you always know exactly what you need to do next, you’ll save every moment that used to get wasted on shifting gears.

Be Ruthless

If something isn’t important to you or your livelihood, don’t take it on. It can be hard to say no to requests that are made on our time, but when you have no time to spare, it’s okay to acknowledge it. When you do take on projects, be sure to prioritize them, so you can knock the urgent ones off the list and free up some much needed headspace.

Put It In the Calendar

Especially when juggling a busy schedule, there’s nothing that can cause you more stress than missing an important meeting or deadline. From today forward, put everything in a calendar. Whether it’s on your phone, on the cloud, or in a date book, be unrelenting about taking the 10 seconds make a quick entry.

Go Off Grid

When you need to complete a focused task, get away from all your normal distractions. Step away from your desk and turn off your phone. Whether you find an empty conference room or a coffee shop around the corner, you’ll complete your tasks in a fraction of the time when nothing pulls you away.

Let Go of Perfection

When time is tight, it’s inevitable that something is going to go at least a little bit wrong. When it does, let it go. Nothing wastes more time than beating yourself up over an honest mistake. Simply do what you need to do to correct the situation, and then walk away with your confidence fully in tact. After all, how many mistakes do we spot in other people’s work?

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