Standing Out in the Crowd: How to Position Your Company For Success

In a world with endless consumer options, it’s easy for a company to get lost in the crowd of competitors. This is especially dangerous if your products or services appear to be similar to the rest of the competition. Whether you sell insurance or manufacture paint products, it’s essential to strategically position your company so you stand out from the rest.

Tell A Story

Consumers love a good story. By making your story a part of your branding, your customers are able to become emotionally invested. Think about your story and how it makes you unique.

Remain Authentic

Consumers are able to sense inauthenticity from a mile away. With the advent of social media, businesses have the opportunity to interact with their customers in a whole new way. Take advantage of that opportunity by developing a clear message and establishing yourself as an expert in the areas where you naturally shine.

Be Consistent

Consumers need to be able to depend on you. From your marketing materials to the quality of your products or services, your customers want to know that you are going to be consistent. Consider adding consistency-based goals to your strategic plan.

Incorporate Purpose

Consumers are purpose-driven. They are attracted to companies that focus on more than improving their bottom line. Whether it’s adding green initiatives to reduce your carbon footprint or aligning yourself with a local charity, there are many ways to incorporate purpose into your business.

Define Your Direction

Consumers want to know what is important to you. Take pride in developing your mission and vision. Not only will it help you connect with your customers, but it will also help keep your business on track as new opportunities arise.

The secret to standing out above the competition is to first identify your greatest strengths and then learn how to leverage that competitive advantage.

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About the Author

Craig Korotko is a creative, results oriented C-Suite executive with extensive experience and achievement in creating technology solutions that deliver products and services to the financial industry. As a business coach, Craig Korotko combines his passion for leading small companies and growing them in competitive markets with his ability to lead large cross-functional teams.

In his over 30 years of corporate experience, Craig has worked with startups to Fortune 500 companies with a demonstrated track record of success. He wants to make sure you are not too busy working in your company instead of working on your company. Start the conversation with a simple, complimentary 30-minute advisory discussion. Contact Craig today.


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