Putting an End to the 4 Most Common Success-Killing CEO Habits

As the leader of your business, your direction and energy can make or break the company. From the systems and processes you put in place to the culture that trickles from the top down, it’s essential to understand how your role in the company impacts the greater vision.

Are you standing in your own way?

No CEO wants to be the obstacle that keeps the business from finding great success, but we are victims of habit. If bad habits go unrecognized, they can mean the end of what could have been a wildly successful venture.

Bad Habit #1: Focusing on the story instead of the facts.

We all love a good story, and our minds are designed to take information and turn it into a narrative. Even as we sleep, our imaginations continue to concoct tales and tragedies. However, in the business world, focusing on the stories instead of the facts will lead you to make emotionally driven decisions instead of fact-based ones. It’s essential to separate the two, and draw conclusions from the real information you have.

Bad Habit #2: Being uncompromising in your beliefs.

We spend a lifetime developing our beliefs. From the day we are born, our fundamental assumptions are instilled in us from those who surround us and our personal experiences. As the leader of a company, you must be willing to challenge each of those beliefs. The secret to ultimate business success is innovation, and to embrace innovation, you must be able to think outside the box, welcome creativity, and dream big.

Bad Habit #3: Ignoring criticism.

In order to build the business you have, you likely had a healthy bit of ego driving you. Now, you’ve put your heart and soul and endless hours of work into your business, and it’s natural to become slightly defensive when customers, employees, or other key audiences criticize it. If you can let go of the ego and stop formulating the many reasons the criticism is invalid, you can uncover a wealth of learning point. In order to continue to grow, you must be able to address the concerns of a multitude of customers, and criticism gives you insight into things you may have not yet considered.

Bad Habit #4: Thinking you can do it all by yourself.

Companies that experience lasting and stable success do so with a strategic team of valuable players. CEOs who are able to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and identify gaps in their own skills are better able to bring on experts in those areas. Sometimes, this lack of knowledge can be easily identified, such as not having an accounting background. Other times, it’s more challenging, such as being unsure of how to strategically plan for future growth. Regardless, every CEO should take care in knowing his or her own limitations.

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About the Author

Craig Korotko is a creative, results oriented C-Suite executive with extensive experience and achievement in creating technology solutions that deliver products and services to the financial industry. As a business coach, Craig Korotko combines his passion for leading small companies and growing them in competitive markets with his ability to lead large cross-functional teams.

In his over 30 years of corporate experience, Craig has worked with startups to Fortune 500 companies with a demonstrated track record of success. He wants to make sure you are not too busy working in your company instead of working on your company. Start the conversation with a simple, complimentary 30-minute advisory discussion. Contact Craig today.


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