Empower Your Employees with These 6 Useful Tips

The success of your business is dependent upon the success of your team. Regardless of the your company’s size, empowered employees are more engaged, have higher levels of productivity, and are more likely to value the company’s overall success. Here are some simple and actionable tips for incorporating empowerment initiatives into your daily operations.

Set Boundaries

Boundaries are a good thing for employees because it allows for each employee the freedom to make decisions for him or herself. Additionally, it takes away the stress that can arise from not having guidelines to follow. Define your boundaries clearly, and let your employees challenge themselves.

Listen Closely

Far too often, employees tell managers what they think they want to hear, instead of the truth. Shift your mindset and expectations, so you hear what your employees need to tell you. In doing so, you’ll learn more about the actual company culture and operations than you currently understand.

Prioritize Growth

Especially for your top performing employees, professionals need to know where they are headed. If an employee doesn’t see a clear path for growth, he or she will begin to look elsewhere. Consider ways to keep your team motivated, including promotions, raises, reimbursement for professional development courses, and skill building workshops.

Establish Trust

Just like in personal relationships, trust is earned. Individuals shouldn’t be hired if you don’t think you’ll be willing to stand behind them at all times. Employees who have been thrown under the proverbial bus will quickly feel stifled because they will no longer be willing to take risks or go above and beyond. Stick by your team’s side, through thick and thin.

Celebrate Success

Not just the big ones. Celebrate solid displays of effort, small wins, and achievement of all goals. Generally speaking, employees are hungry for recognition, and when they know that their bosses are in touch with the amount of effort being put forth, they become much more engaged.

Forgive Mistakes

If your team isn’t making mistakes, then they aren’t taking risks or being innovative. By creating an atmosphere of forgiveness and support, you encourage your employees to think outside the box, reach higher, and do more for your company.

Highly engaged and effective teams help launch companies into continued growth and success. By focusing your efforts on empowering your employees, you’ll create a more satisfying work environment and improve your bottom-line.

About the Author

Craig Korotko is a creative, results oriented C-Suite executive with extensive experience and achievement in creating technology solutions that deliver products and services to the financial industry. As a business coach, Craig Korotko combines his passion for leading small companies and growing them in competitive markets with his ability to lead large cross-functional teams.

In his over 30 years of corporate experience, Craig has worked with startups to Fortune 500 companies with a demonstrated track record of success. He wants to make sure you are not too busy working in your company instead of working on your company. Start the conversation with a simple, complimentary 30-minute advisory discussion. Contact Craig today


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