4 Essential Questions for Qualifying Your Sales Prospects

We’ve all been in the situation where an ill-equipped salesperson is asking us to purchase a product or service before we know anything about it. Regardless of whether it’s well-intentioned banter or a true lack of sales knowledge, forcing the close before the prospect is ready can permanently damage the relationship with the brand.

Before you push for the close, it’s essential to qualify your prospects. After all, why waste your time and energy on a sale that will never happen.

Ensure Your Prospect Is Ready For the Sale

The goal of every sale should be to honestly satisfy a need or desire for your customers. You want to leverage your competitive advantage to pair your customers with the product or service that would have the greatest impact on their current situation. Therefore, before you can make a sale, it’s essential to fully understand your prospects. Here are the four essential questions you must answer before you ever try to close.

Does this prospect need what I am selling? If the prospect does not have a need that your product or service solves, then your chances of making a sale are quite slim. Remember, customers buy solutions, not products.

Can the prospect use what I am selling? Even if they have a need for your product, other factors will play into whether they are able to actually use the product. From key company decision makers to organizational structure, get to know the barriers that may be standing in your way.

Can the prospect afford the product/service? Regardless of how much a prospect wants a product or service, if he or she can absolutely not afford it, then there’s no point to pushing the sale. Instead, follow up with them down the road to see if their financial situation changed. Save your close for that future date.

Does the person want the product? Some prospects simply don’t want what you are selling. Whether they are simply uncomfortable making changes or have a strong, negative opinion that isn’t easily flipped, your time is better spent working with the prospects that have passed these qualifying questions.

Effective communication and learned listening become the keys to uncovering the answers to these qualifying questions, and as your prospects open up to you, you get four steps closer to closing the sale.

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